My city has an annual clean-up campaign where everyone can put out bulky junk items on the curbside that normally aren’t accepted in the weekly pick up. Thankfully, lots of the stuff never makes it to the landfills because neighbors, friends, and enterprising folk come by to see what they can salvage. Of course there’s lots of scrap metal (fridges, patio furniture) that people collect and re¢y¢le, but there are plenty more things are are reusable, repurpose-able, or just plain fine as is. I’ve found perfectly good clothes, furniture, home decorations, and yes, even food (unopened Odwalla bars that “expired” a month earlier.)

This one (I like to call it the Royal Chair) was found this spring. As you can see, the cane seat is coming apart at the back. Nothing a nice cushion can’t take care of.

Last spring I found my desk chair, another solid wood creation, that had suffered a splatter of paint. I still love it, though. I think the paint gives it character. (The desk in the corner is from Craigslist. I’ll give a post in honor of it later).

The blouse in this outfit was also found last year. I can’t say I’m proud of this outfit, but eh, I can’t run from my past 😉