Taken before it was inhaled exactly 5 minutes later.

My parents came to visit me this past weekend (yay!) and brought with them a huge bag of spinach with Popeye on the front. For some reason, bagged spinach spoils very quickly compared to (fresher?) spinach bunches, so I had to think of a way to use it all up. I decided upon sautéed spinach for dinner and threw in most of the bag, save for a cup or two in case I want salad.

I prefer to make stuff up as I go, so I didn’t follow a recipe, but here’s what I used: I sautéed chopped onions, garlic, and some olive oil until they turned golden brown. I had leftover chopped mushrooms from the  scrambled “eggs” I made two days before, so I added some of that and let it simmer. Then I threw in some grated carrots, chopped red, yellow, and orange bell peppers for color, added a little bit of salt, and then the spinach in the end. My skillet was too small for all of it, so I covered it and went upstairs to clean or do something, and let the spinach overcook. It’s just me eating it, so I don’t really care, but if I were to do it differently, I’d either stay and watch the food cook or buy a bigger skillet 🙂

Accompanied with some brown rice, the spinach was set for lunch today. I sat down at 12:40 p.m. to eat. By 12:45 I was done.