Watching The Future of Food this week made me paranoid reaffirmed my commitment buying organic food and growing my own when possible. I set off to my local farmer’s market fashionably late this afternoon so I could snag great deals (vendors don’t want to carry all of that produce back and will sell at giveaway prices). I had in mind to by some more spinach so I could make a bunch full of my new love–sautéed spinach.

I sported a navy maxi floral dress that I’m ambivalent about. It’s not particularly flattering on me, and I always struggle finding something to wear it with. It was a new or overstock item from Target that I found at Goodwill (I guess they didn’t know what to do with them, either). The only good things that comes from this dress are the button earrings and necklace I made to match. I love the color of this turquoise scarf and had to wear it.

Outfit rundown:

  • Navy floral maxi skirt: “Merona” from Goodwill
  • Jewelry: handmade from button stash
  • Flower: accessory from another dress
  • Grey long-sleeve: from defunct Mervyn’s

Thusly attired, I headed out. It was a beautiful, very warm and sunny day today. I cursed my dead sunglasses and the remaining ones that quickly hid from me soon after. The scarf is silk and very lightweight, so it fit under my bike helmet easily. The rose was pinned on and unfortunately fell off when I took off my helmet at the market. I didn’t bother trying to put it back on, and just dumped it in my bag.

I got there way late, so at least a third were already packed up, and the remaining vendors were in the process of loading their trucks. I hit the table with the best variety of foods. I didn’t find any spinach, but I did get plenty of other greens. For $9 I got: 2 bunches of carrots, 2 bunches of kale, and 2 bunches of broccoli, all organic.

I made kale chips right away and ate them all soon afterward. The rest of the veggies await their fate in the fridge.