Dolphin head at Grand Isle, LA Copyright ©Jerry Moran

It seems callous of me not to make any mention of the Gulf Coast crisis and go about with business as usual. Honestly, I’ve been trying to avoid the news because I couldn’t handle the anger, frustration, and sorrow I knew I’d feel as I read about and see the destruction of non-human lives and human livelihoods, all because of our oil addiction and green. At every possible turn, “officials” involved have dragged their feet, dodged responsibility, ignored better and more effective clean-up tools—over three months have gone and really, nothing’s improved.

During the past few days I’ve recognized that ignoring the situation isn’t going to help anyone. I’m now seeking out those first hand accounts, of individuals taking the initiative and cleaning up their environment—their home—themselves, which has given me some hope. Yet they all have a common thread: so many people have lost everything, even more want to help, and so little is being done by those in power.

Even if I can’t physically go any good from my location, I can spread awareness and agitate for accountability and action. A few articles that address the current situation:

And what’s Knowing without knowing what do to?

I’m going to continue to stay informed and inform others about what’s going on. Wherever you are, everyone needs to put pressure on those responsible and those who can still make a positive impact in cleaning up the mess.

And just to leave a sour taste in your mouth, like in mine, here’s an article on the even more underwhelming reaction on the Bhopal disaster, arguably the worst industrial disaster in history—ever. I can’t even believe I never heard about this until today.