My housing complex decided it was high-time to redo the deck area in all the public spaces. Lots of people have planters in front of their homes, like me, to remind ourselves the planet isn’t just made up of concrete and paint.

Anyhow, we were all told to evacuate our plants from a certain portion by mid-week; remaining plants would be hauled. I assumed mine were safe since they weren’t on the deck. Little did I know…

The carnage!

The “cleaners” decided to confiscate ALL plants they found outside people’s homes. I came home Monday evening to a huge pile of plants (there are more hidden behind the mattress someone dumped there), uprooted from their pots and discarded like foul garbage. To add insult, some pots were were even smashed, just for good measure. However, plants that were in “pretty” glazed ceramic containers were placed gently to the side, away from the destruction.

Luckily (for the management, I would have put up a fight!), I was able to find my plants and they were hardly damaged. I don’t remember how long I spent hauling wooden planks around to get to them, but my arms were shaking by the end—yes, I’m a weakling, but that wood really was HEAVY! There were also some communal potted trees out in front of my unit that my dad revived when he came to visits, so I also rescued them. I would have liked to rescue them all, but I’m gearing up to start a serious high-density container garden and I need all the space my little patio has. Besides, I didn’t know if other owners would want to reclaim them.

But in reality, would anyone really save their plants? They can just go to the store and buy a new one. OSH is always have deals and such. And a plant isn’t like a dog or cat that people would feel bad about abandoning (yeah, I went there).