Yesterday I spent most of the day playing Civ IV instead of doing any of the errands I planned to do (I did get my laundry done, though). Today I did a bit of gardening and made myself a batch of raw* chocolate chip cookies from this recipe.

Raw cashew chocolate chip cookies

It turned out a bit sticky, but I’ll admit that I didn’t measure the ingredients, and I substituted olive oil for coconut oil and maple syrup for agave nectar. Instead of making the chocolate chips from scratch, I chopped up some dark chocolate my brother gave me, so that saved some time. I put the cookies in the fridge to let them harden/chill while I went outside and tended to my garden.

Among other things, I rearranged my plants so they’d get more sun. My tomatoes are looking especially sun-deprived, so I hope the change will help. I also potted some celery and lettuce centers (hearts?)—you know the pale, sickly yellow parts at the very center of the veggie that no one wants to eat? I used up as much of the celery stalk and lettuce as I could and thought it’d be wasteful to compost the rest just because it was unsightly and probably lacking in nutrients. I planted a celery stalk at the beginning of the year and it’s now 3 feet tall and a deep green I didn’t even know celery could get.

My newest additions to the garden, romaine and celery:

I came back inside and checked up on my cookies. They were tasty, but a bit sticky as I mentioned, so I put them in the freezer to harden some more, then finished up outside. Once I was done, my cookies were now firm and not sticky anymore. The vanilla aroma inspired me to try my hand at raw ice cream. I used this recipe, which seems to be one of the few out there that uses coconut milk. I can see why: the coconut flavor overwhelms every other flavor. I used probably 2 tbs of vanilla and it was still weak in comparison. My chocolate batch (I made chocolate and vanilla) was a chocolate-coconut. Next time, I think I’ll try this recipe with raisins.

I wasn’t done yet, of course: once I’m in a cooking mood, it’s hard for me to stop. I then made lunch for tomorrow: raw stuffed portabella mushrooms!

These are so good, even my skeptical “vegetarian is rabbit food” mom wanted seconds and thirds when I first made them. I didn’t really follow a recipe, but adapted the stuffing from this raw Mexican cauliflower “rice” by using some salsa, so I ended up with a spicy mix and used less tomatoes. I also added some garlic and used zucchini for the cucumber. I thought it wasn’t possible, but you can have too much garlic—the extra heaps of chopped garlic didn’t intensify the garlicy taste, only made it more spicy. Anyway, I piled it on top of the gigantic portabella I bought earlier in the week (about as big as my face) and put it away for tomorrow, letting the juices of the tomatoes marinate overnight.

Oh, and the container I used is made from corn and compostable (in theory):

I’ve encountered a fair share of “compostable” single-use items at parties and events. I’ve excitedly added them to my compost bin and week after week checked up on their progress. I think taterware utensils, after several months, start to get soft and pliable. The corn-based take-out boxes I’ve used are as resilient as ever (at least after ~6 months). This Monogram brand is new (for me), so who knows, maybe it’ll decompose in my lifetime.

*I’m eating raw this month in the hopes that it’ll help clear my skin (as mentioned in my last post) and bring some much needed balance to my overall health.