Dinner @ Vegan World with parents

Don't let my dad's face fool you…he enjoyed his food.

I got my parents to eat a completely vegan dinner for my birthday—and they liked it! Only a few nights before I made some sauteed spinach, only to have my mom poke at it and ask, “where’s the meat?” and my dad quickly get a couple of hard-boiled eggs from the kitchen so they could eat a “complete” meal. I know it wasn’t as amazing as I’ve made it in the past—I didn’t have all the spices and ingredients I use at home. The way they attacked those eggs and sighed with relief was kind of funny in one way, but still…I don’t want to force them into vegetarianism, but I’m rather concerned about their belief that a meal is somehow lacking because it doesn’t have any discernible animals parts. I’ve written about this before, so I’ll simply say that it’s not true. I tease them about their meat obsession like they tease me about my weight and not eating “enough” fat—it’s all rather lighthearted. However, I wanted to show them that a animal-free meal can be just as satisfying and “balanced” as one with animal parts. So I had them hostage at a vegan restaurant for my birthday 😀 (I thought taking them to a raw vegan restaurant would probably be too extreme for them, so I broke my raw diet, yet again).

We went to Vegan World based on the great reviews at Yelp (though the 60% off gift certificate didn’t hurt). I’m not a fan of faux meats (especially since they usually taste nothing like meat and have a rather unappealing flavor/texture). But, I wanted to try what Vegan World had to offer, so we ordered Orange Chicken and Golden Shrimp as appetizers. It goes without saying that anything fried is tasty, but I was impressed with the taste, especially the shrimp. It was soy-based with a flavor and texture reminiscent of lobster, wrapped in a wonton, and fried. My mom ordered the Spicy Chicken Fried Rice and my dad had Miso, since he’s never had it before. My mom loved her dish and said the chicken tasted like the real deal. I got the Spicy Pumpkin, which came with a Fresh Spring Roll. I also wanted to find out what all the fuss is about kombucha, so I got a bottle of it. It didn’t seem all that special—it tastes like the juice I bring with me for work at the end of the day. $4 for rotten juice seems a bit pricey (I could make my own for much cheaper).

Overall, the meal was great; the portions were generous, the food fresh, and very reasonable priced (the most expensive dinner plate was $9.95), and the waiting staff friendly. We left with full bellies and happy faces. For anyone in the LA area, I’d highly recommend a trip to Vegan World—or order online and have it delivered.