Whew! I did 2 months back to back of raw eating. I wasn’t raw 100% of the time, but I made conscious efforts to eat more raw/whole foods. I say in the end I was 60–80% raw. There were plenty of days when I argued with myself over getting a sandwich that was mostly veggies versus an actual salad, and nights when I’d want to throw in the towel and zap a frozen burrito in the microwave because I had “nothing” to eat (read: I had no S.A.D. entree ready and waiting for me to eat coming home from work). I said I wasn’t 100% raw, so there were times when I had to compromise, because being the perfectionist that I am, I’d sooner starve myself than “betray” the food plan. Of course, the whole point of me eating raw was to jump-start my health, and not eating is not healthy (duh).

I had cereal for breakfast a lot in the beginning—before I became addicted to smoothies. I granted myself a pass on breakfast, but insisted lunch and dinner could easily be done raw. However, fearing two whole months of eating nothing but salads, I soon gave myself passes on 5–7 meals a week that weren’t raw (basically half!). I then made myself compliment cooked foods with raw foods: if I ate veggie spring rolls, I’d balance it out with salad (or just plain lettuce). In time, I learned more about whole foods and moved beyond salads (though a good salad is a good salad). I’d make zucchini pasta. I’d throw random veggies from the fridge together in a bowl, drizzle some sauce on them, and call it a meal. I treated myself to some raw vegan ice cream for dessert. I’d drink a smoothie in a pinch if I really had no other food to eat.

So tonight, my last day of “strict” raw eating, I eschewed the frozen burrito (trust, it was hard!), drank some experimental raw chocolate shake (this needs to be a post in itself), and made a kwick kale salad.

Let’s see…I got some radishes and kale from the farmers’ market in there, some sugar peas, sliced baby carrots, sesame seeds (yeah, not raw) and soy sauce + agave nectar + chili sauce for dressing. I’m not concerned that soy sauce isn’t raw, especially since it’s not a source of any significant nutrition. I’m eating raw for health, not ethical reasons, so I’m not about to empty out my kitchen and buy new, Raw Certified™ stuff just because.

Now, lest the colorful photo fool you, this salad was not very tasty. Kale is bitter, yo! I’m using the rest in smoothies only.