I was up late last night working on my Best of: September post, but then my internet crapped out on me (boo bootlegged wi-fi). I promise that’ll be coming up shortly.

Recently, I’ve been clearing my place and saying goodbye to rarely used items. Most of these things I can give away/donate because there’s plenty of life in them, but I have a few things that, as far as I can tell, can’t be reused in their current state or with minimal repair. I have a hard time throwing things away when I know someone more industrious or clever could repurpose them, but if I keep them, it’s nothing more than clutter.

Materials made of metal and plastic I break down into their respective parts and recycle them, but used, busted, and hole-ridden clothes leaves me at a loss. I have plenty of rags, so that’s not really an option. What do you all do with clothes that have reached the end of their days? Is there a clothes recycling program I could give them to?

Source: Neatorama.com