Well, I’ve got a lot on my plate right now, but I wanted to update this thing to let you (whoever actually reads this) know that I’m still alive. The holidays are neigh and people are flocking to find gifts for their loved ones, usually not bothering to think about where these things come from, who made them, and under what conditions.

I want to write much, much more about this topic, but I’m way behind my work IRL, so I’ll have to leave it at this for now.

Repost: Last Minute Gift Guide for the Social Justice Set Why am I reposting a year old gift guide? Because: a) I am lazy and updating this blog is too much effort b) I am still bitter about having taken over a colleagues' course this term and having to administer multiple choice tests c) did I mention B yet This is the one where I lay down the guilt trip in the hopes of getting you to give twice, three times if you use your gifts as a way to open discussion about women's rights globally, this holiday s … Read More

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