The stickman we love to hate

The stickman we love to hate (

I’m going to be evermore silent until Feb 3, when I’m done with my week of events raising awareness about child labor and trafficking in chocolate production. I swore after the first film screening of The Dark Side of Chocolate in October that I’d never plan another event never, ever again. But as they say, never say never…I decided to punish myself with three days of activities this week before people go out and buy their Hershey’s Kisses and other stuff for Valentine’s Day. All the dang kids busy students who said they’d help out never came through, so I’ve been organizing single-handedly. And since this is absolutely not related to my work, I’m spending extra hours playing catch up. It’s craziness, I tells ya. But this time next week, I’ll be done and ready to a) catch up with all the crunchy-chic outfits I’ve been donning as well as b) talk about fun stuff like fair trade tea and whatnot.