my "office" outside

Until around 6 PM today, the weather was nice and warm and perfect for doing work outside. I split my day between gardening, making music, burning incense, and trying to get on the internet through my city’s free, unreliable wifi. I won’t get to do this for long, so I’m trying to enjoy the weather (and my freedom) while I can before school starts in a few weeks.

baby tomatoesAnd speaking of gardens, mine is doing very well. My parents gave me three tomato seedlings back at the end of May, and they’re already producing tomatoes. Can you spot them? I also have a few pots that contain a medley of plants growing together that I will eventually need to separate (one has bell pepper, garlic, and clover, another has bell pepper, rose, and some unidentifiable plant). However, I used up most of my soil and compost on the avocado tree, so I’ll have to wait for the earth worms to make me some more dirt.

Thyme growing with my avocado plant

Last weekend, I repotted my avocado tree because I was tired of looking at the bigger pot I got for it sitting on my patio empty and unloved. My dad warned me not to and to wait, but I am stubborn. It leans a bit, but other than that, it’s managing well. I had a goosefoot bush that shared pot space with it, but it didn’t survive the move. For added green, I sprinkled some thyme seeds on the surface. Hopefully it’ll provide some nice topsoil protection.

And did you know that celery spreads like a beast? A few years ago I started with the remaining yellowish stalk from a store bought bunch, and now I have celery growing in almost every other pot in my yard. I took pictures, but I think I need to do a separate gardening post because there’s so much to write about — roses, lavender, compost, date palms, and random plants making themselves a new home!