glowing rosemaryIf there’s one guilty pleasure I have, it’s burning incense. I will probably develop lung cancer because of it, and a lot of the ones I have I’m allergic to, but I’m addicted to earthy, woody scents. I have a strong sense of smell, which you’d think would mean I’d prefer light scents, but no—give me frankincense and other full-bodied resins any day! My incense burning kit isn’t appropriate for indoor use because it makes a lot of smoke, so I brought it outside today. But why settle for tiny, quarter-sized charcoal disks when I can have a chiminea full of sweet-smelling stuff? One of my neighbors gave me her chiminea when I moved in and I used it today to burn some lavender and rosemary sticks. The combo produces a sweetish smoke, though the rosemary on its own is very pleasant. I was hoping the smoke would drive the bugs away, but they didn’t really seem to care.