Source: Beginning Farmers

Since I talked about gardening in the last post, here’s a continuation on that theme: Saving Seeds: For Health, Safety and Thrift from Thrifty & Green Magazine (an excellent combo). It seems like an obvious concept: grow stuff and save the seeds, but in a consumerist culture, where people are encouraged to buy specialized bags for their trash, I can’t assume anything is obvious.

It might be better to grow heirloom plants and save their seeds rather than conventional plants, unless you know for sure the conventional plants you’re growing aren’t GMO (especially difficult for corn). The CLIF Bar Family Foundation (yes, those CLIF bars) started Seed Matters to address the loss of plant genetic diversity we’ve experienced, and how that relates to food security and sustainability.

I should probably make an entire series about food security and the need for biodiversity in our seeds because I can’t convey it’s importance in such a short post. I was fortunate to hear Matthew Dillon from CLIF Bar/Seed Matters speak about the critical role seed plays in our sustenance—during a lunch hour, he covered roughly 200+ years of agricultural, political, and economic history of seed/food. I can’t pretend I can match that, but I’ll try my hand at a few overview posts in the future.