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I wrote this post because I’ve noticed that lately in the mornings, I’m staring at my closet uninspired — which means it’s time to refresh my wardrobe!  About a month ago I went with a friend to an overpriced, vintage hipster joint and scored a wonderful (and cheap) crinkly black scarf and gold plaited/brass? necklace. They’re both so simple but excellent, versatile pieces—the scarf is pretty much a staple item now, and the long necklace easily doubles up to add more character to my outfits.

Not all thrift stores are created equal, of course. I used to rave about Goodwill where the bulk of my work wardrobe comes from, but when I want to visit my parents, I naively thought their local Goodwill had the same selection (and general hygiene) that mine did. Nope! I’m all about Savers now, but I feel like there might be gems out there that I don’t know about. I was thinking, wouldn’t it be nice to have a place where people could review thrift stores and tag/categorize then according to what’s sold there and list their specialties? (Like shoes…it’s hard to find beautiful shoes in my size that aren’t +4″ heels). I was thinking details like clothing sizes, general price range, whether they directly accept consignments (I’e got a lot of stuff I’d like to sell), you name it. Before setting off to make such a place myself, my quick Google-fu found this: TheThriftShopper.Com. It’s a national directory specifically for charity-driven thrift shops, so it’s not exhaustive by any means, but it is socially-minded. Just playing around for a few minutes, I can see that the forum section will be a great pastime for me. Some people are real hard-core thrifters! Once I start working again, maybe I can build up to their status…maybe.

Check out The Thrifter Shopper’s National Thrift Store Directory Listing Charity Resale Shops.