Today’s post comes from Dean’s Beans, an organic and fair trade coffee company that I first learned about when my ethical “light bulb” went on and I began seeking out ethically sourced goods. They are one of the few companies out there that is 100% committed to fair trade, going beyond what simple certification requires. Dean Cycon, the founder and CEO, wrote an article in his latest “Dean’s Zine” about the future of products certified under Fair Trade USA.

The organization recently split from Fairtrade International, the global umbrella organization that sets the standards for fair trade.  They chose to go their own way and to create their own standards, departing from the unified vision of the global fair trade community. Fair Trade USA had been doing some shady stuff as of late anyway, so this move to lower standards for their corporate conventional buddies isn’t surprising. Read more at “Farewell to Fair Trade Certified?” from Dean’s Beans.