Source: Berkley APEC Study Center

Whoops—I missed posting Wednesday (I was studying for an exam I had today). Man, I’m itching to write about China, the U.S., and the geopolitical chess match between the two nations as China braces itself to become a mega consumer country like America. Suffice it to say, China’s economic ventures into Latin America and Africa may be partly out of its’ interest to make its own China (someone needs to make cheap, sweatshop labor goods for its growing middle class, and it ain’t gonna be the Chinese). America’s slowly establishing its own presence on the so-called “dark continent”, and it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

But, since I’m a busy kid, you’ll have to be content with this repost from ZDNet on how China leads world in green tech, since there not nearly enough oil the world—not even in tar sands—to sustain American-like consumption in China.

Read the article here.