green holiday giftsI apologize for the week of silence (it’s exam season). I’m nearly finished, so posting will become regular soon.

My family is (sort of) doing an opt-out/buy nothing Xmas this year. I say sort of because I know at least one person is going to give a gift (namely me). I’m down with the idea of saying no to buying stuff for the sake of giving a gift. You know what I’m talking about…the kind of stuff regifting was made for.

For those of you do decide to buy gifts this holiday season, make sure what you buy is aligned with your values. Green America’s Holiday Gift Guide is a good place to start. It features green businesses that have special holiday offers, and it’s divided into different categories, such as clothing and food & drink, to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. It’s actually a great resource to use year round, since everything is all in one place, although the deals may not continue past December.

Or consider an alternative gift and donate to a charity or organization that supports healthy, happy people and a healthy, happy planet.