I don’t typically promote deals or special offers since I’m not getting paid to advertise, but if you’re going to buy stuff, it’s better to thrift than use new resources, and Savers is having a special sale tomorrow for Club Card members:

Monday, December 19
GET 50% OFF Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, Bed & Bath
(i.e., pretty much everything in the store)

Sign up for the free Super Savers Club Card (and get another 25% off coupon)
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Also, between now and December 24, for every $5 you spend (or donate in goods), you get a stamp on a stamp pass: fill it up for a coupon good for 30% off your total purchase.

Savers is a an international thrift store chain (known as Value Village in the Pacific Northwest and Village des Valeurs in Quebec). It partners with local non-profits by purchasing and reselling donated items, paying the non-profits whether they eventually sell the stuff or not. Unlike other places places, they organize stuff by size so you don’t have to wade through aisles of random clothing hoping to find something that fits, and they don’t have a reputation of discrimination.