Flooded home in Durban, South Africa

Source: AlertNet

Two weeks ago we saw the end of the UN climate talks in Durban, South Africa. I posted earlier about the frustrations participants felt, as they knew that whatever came of the discussions would be inadequate to address climate change. Friends of the Earth International, an international grassroots environmental network, kept a close eye as the world leaders met. At the end, they had this to say about the talks:

The UN climate talks in Durban were a failure and take the world a significant step back by further undermining an already flawed, inadequate multilateral system that is supposed to address the climate crisis, according to Friends of the Earth International.

Developed countries engaged in a smoke and mirrors trick of delivering rhetoric but no action, failed to commit to urgently needed deep emissions cuts, and even backtracked on past commitments to address the climate crisis, said Friends of the Earth International.

[…] “After bailing out the banks, rich countries at the climate talks refused to commit a single new dollar for climate finance for developing countries. They  insisted on allowing multinational corporations and global financial elites to directly access the Green Climate Fund, and pushed through the opening up of further possibilities for speculation via the dangerous carbon market bubble. It is clear in whose interests this deal has been advanced, and it isn’t the 99% of people around the world”