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I’m about to do another fair trade chocolate event for Valentine’s day and wanted to share with you all an indispensable resource I used last year. It’s is a table of various chocolate bars/companies that lists whether the chocolates are organic and/or fair trade, and where you can buy them. I used it to find local chocolatiers who were able to sponsor my chocolate tasting event/fundraiser, and I raised money to help ILRF end child trafficking and slavery in the Ivory Coast. If you find a company you like, do try to double-check that they still make the product in the list—I was informed, for example, that Dagoba is now owned by Hershey, one of the most notorious companies that hasn’t done anything to ensure their chocolate isn’t made with child or slave labor.

You can find the list under my Where to find Ethical Goods page and here. You can also learn more about child trafficking in the cocoa industry at those links. If you have suggestions for what kinds of products I should add to my Ethical Goods list, please let me know.

child with cocoa beans

Source: International Labor Rights Forum