Source: loupiote's Flickr photostream

I’ve been checking Google trends lately to see what folks talk about these days. As a grad student immersed in academia, it’s a rather quick and easy way to keep myself somewhat connected to the rest of the world. Today, I noticed “red meat” among the top 20 topics du jour—specifically that red meat increases death and is linked to premature death. Obviously, “meat is death” isn’t a headline because people think flesh comes from some magical hole in the ground—meat inherently involves death, the premature death of whatever being was killed for its body. It’s only shocking/worth discussing because it might also kill the person eating whoever was killed in the first place. I’m not about to start preaching killing for food is wrong, because at the end of the day, we’re all just balls of energy and matter sucking up as much of the universe’s matter into ourselves as quickly as we can before we die, and everyone else is a potential resource to sap. I just thought it was amusing as a concept.