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Source: Hungry Poodle

I meant to say in my last post that you don’t have to be vegan to try the 21-day kick start. In fact, my mom, who’s most assuredly an omnivore, did it last year. She didn’t even eat vegan foods 100% of the time. But she did increase her veggie intake and lower the starchy/carb/meat parts of her diet. The daily recipes gave her ideas for how to prepare healthy foods in different ways, so it was never the same thing every day. She was also inspired to start exercising more regularly, too, taking walks or jogging in the evenings. The kickoff influenced her diet and habits well after the 21 days.

My mom’s been on medication for blood pressure and cholesterol for as long as I can remember. A month or so after the kickstart, she visited the doctor and got some blood work done. Upon seeing her results, her doctor said, “Whatever you’ve been doing, keep doing it.” Her cholesterol was very good—low enough that she could go off her medication if she could keep it that way. My mom said she’d been on the vegan kickoff and eating more veggies and exercising, thanks to me. The doctor asked my mom to give me a hug for her. My mom now has fewer pills to take, she exercises every day, and looks and feels healthy.

I know it sounds too good to be true: eat well, exercise, and voila, you’re healthy! Easier said than done, right? It is and it isn’t. Good health can be that simple, in fact, it is. But health is a state of being, it’s not a drug or a diet, and it doesn’t happen overnight. For my mom, it took the right kind of inspiration—tasty, healthy recipes—to make simple but critical life changes. Our bodies know how to be healthy—it’s how we survived as a species—but bodies need the right tools to make that happen. If you give a carpenter a butter knife and then ask for a chair, don’t be surprised when the best she can do is widdle the bark off a couple of sticks. The carpenter isn’t stupid or trying to mess with you, she knows how to make a chair, but she can’t make one without a proper workshop of tools. Likewise, your body knows how to be healthy, but if you don’t give it a whole foods-based diet, you’re going to wind up with, well, sticks.