The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, otherwise known as Rio+20, is a once-in-a-generation opportunity.

Over 135 heads of state and government and up to 50,000 participants, including business executives and civil society representatives, will be present when the conference opens on Jun. 20. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon calls it “one of the most important conferences in U.N. history”.

Make no mistake, the world is watching. With today’s unprecedented interdependence, sustainable development is the only way to address the inter-locking economic, social and environmental challenges that confront billions of people, and threaten our shared planet.[…]

In today’s world, what happens on one side of the globe can easily reverberate on the other. Living on borrowed time and consuming resources as if there were five planets, we can no longer afford a business-as-usual attitude. 

Rio+20 is not “just another U.N. conference”. So why is the United Nations convening this conference? It is not about enforcing rules or regulations at the cost of quality of life, but rather to encourage and facilitate better, wiser choices by individuals, local communities, businesses and governments. 

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