Woman holding sign with caption “My humanity should not be up for debate”. Source: BBC News/Reuters

Managing multiple social media outlets is hard work, phew! I’ve been mostly on Tumblr and Twitter lately and have neglected this blog. But I’ve got some updates in the works. So much has happened in my country and around the world with regards to state violation of human rights—I want to write something cohesive than adds to the discourse rather than simply parrot what others are saying.

I’ve also been thinking about slightly broadening the focus of this blog as well—or rather, be true about the intersectionality of sustainability issues and not be afraid to discuss what’s happening in Gaza, Ferguson, Mexico, Kenya, Hong Kong, and throughout the world because trees or the environment aren’t explicitly involved. People can’t be proper stewards of the environment if we’re fearing for our lives. We can’t advocate for healthy foods when our governments silence us.

So look out for some new material soon.