I’ve lapsed on updating this space weekly, but not because I’m not doing anything. If anything, I’ve been super active online in other social media spaces…and I’m still trying to figure out the best way to manage my online presence in these various spaces. I’m especially thinking about the future of this space, The Green Boss.Anyway, as I’m connecting more with folks on- and offline (most recently, the great speakers on the online conference, The Vegan Praxis of Black Lives Matter), I’ve become inspired to be more intentional and explicit in my intersectional understanding of sustainability on here—thus far, I’ve tried to maintain on this blog the compartmentalization of “environmental issues” as somehow separate and distinct from a host of other justice issues, mostly so I don’t seem “controversial”. But I know that this is not only inaccurate and severely limiting, but it’s rather misleading. Trying to “sanitize” sustainability by intentionally excluding issues of race, class, gender, and nationalism isn’t fair to my audience justice (for whoever you are out there).

With that being said, “Green Boss” doesn’t seem to jive quite well with this vision. We don’t need “bosses” to drive a justice-centered movement, especially not me. I plan to change the name to better reflect my ideas and position in this conversation about sustainability.