Meet your meat: CAFO – The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories

A hog CAFO
Anatomy of a hog CAFO. The barns can house between 1,000 and 2,500 hogs. Underground storage tanks beneath each barn drain into adjacent “lagoon,” tinged pink possibly from the sulfur-reduced bacteria. The liquefied waste is sprayed on the fields through a “manure cannon”. Source:

The [Confined Feeding Operations] CAFO sector spin machine, including the world’s largest meat and poultry packers, claims that CAFOs are “economically efficient” without mentioning the billions of dollars plucked each year from the public purse or the costs inflicted by pollution on others. The truth is that public funds are handed to CAFOs for building infrastructure, pollution control facilities and equipment, subsidized energy costs and feed grains, and precious USDA-sponsored research.

Continue reading: CAFO – The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories :: The Book, Essays.

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