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June 2017 Update: I first posted this on December 26, 2016. Since then. I’ve added food scraps and some other biodegradable materials into my Bokashi bin, let it sit, drain off the liquid—all the things one should do to maintain the fermentation. During this time, I saw a white, fluffy mold grow on the edge […]

Another repost from Viv Business Club. I was down in Atlanta last weekend and I had the pleasure of getting together with Becky Striepe, editor of and a fellow eco blogger. Becky and I were chatting a bunch about the green blogosphere and our businesses, and she raised an interesting question / concern about […]

The Fourth of July is a great time to get some sun, have a little fun and forget about the daily grind as we celebrate our nations birthday. But just because its an excuse to party hardy, we shouldnt forget that keeping things green and protecting our environment over the holiday is just as important […]

Until around 6 PM today, the weather was nice and warm and perfect for doing work outside. I split my day between gardening, making music, burning incense, and trying to get on the internet through my city’s free, unreliable wifi. I won’t get to do this for long, so I’m trying to enjoy the weather […]

This is an excerpt of a bio of sorts that I wrote up for my place of employment’s sustainability newsletter. I was asked whether I would be willing to be featured, given my involvement in sustainability and social justice, and I agreed. I was given a few questions to answer, and they ended up quoting […]

Recycle your poop

Ever heard of humanure? Like the name implies, it’s human manure and the process that turns human waste into compost. Now, before you throw up, first think about the (non)sense it makes to flush excrement away with potable water, a resource that’s becoming increasingly scarce worldwide. Every time we flush a toilet, we launch five […]