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*Lazy blogger Friday alert* I’m copying and pasting the words of the brains behind the forum IDigMyGarden. I’ve briefly skimmed through it and it looks like a great place to get info and share stories about organic gardening.  This online gardening community is different, political, and organic. I decided to start these forums so gardeners […]

June 2017 Update: I first posted this on December 26, 2016. Since then. I’ve added food scraps and some other biodegradable materials into my Bokashi bin, let it sit, drain off the liquid—all the things one should do to maintain the fermentation. During this time, I saw a white, fluffy mold grow on the edge […]

WHY SHOULDN’T YOU KILL APHIDS OR OTHER BUGS? Gardening is plagued by a speciesist fallacy that I would summarize as a “Don’t like it? Kill it” approach. This approach encourages a lack of empathy, values aesthetics over suffering and death, and ultimately contradicts why many of us garden to begin with. We garden because we […]

While I was looking up the optimal growing conditions for some raspberries cuttings I got the other day, I came across the Food and Self Sufficiency Blog. It’s no-frills with an aesthetic circa 1998, and the last post is dated May 8 of 2012, but don’t let that turn you off—it has a bunch of […]

Since I talked about gardening in the last post, here’s a continuation on that theme: Saving Seeds: For Health, Safety and Thrift from Thrifty & Green Magazine (an excellent combo). It seems like an obvious concept: grow stuff and save the seeds, but in a consumerist culture, where people are encouraged to buy specialized bags for their trash, […]

Until around 6 PM today, the weather was nice and warm and perfect for doing work outside. I split my day between gardening, making music, burning incense, and trying to get on the internet through my city’s free, unreliable wifi. I won’t get to do this for long, so I’m trying to enjoy the weather […]