Little Milestones Mark the Path of Big Change

As a relatively new scholar and even newer attorney, I often struggle to understand what kind of a difference my efforts make in the world. I look at renowned scholars, activists, and civil rights attorneys and sigh at how little I've done in comparison. My writing hasn't been cited in SCOTUS decisions, I haven't litigated... Continue Reading →


2016: new year, new topics to explore

I'm almost posting consistently once a week (almost) and thinking I might even graduate to posting twice a week. I know in the 24 hr news cycle, that's not really much, but it's a big deal for me because this time last year, I was posting maybe once a month at best. The hardest part... Continue Reading →

The Green Boss is now the Green Liberationist

After jiving with my brother about possible names, I settled upon the Green Liberationist (Green Diggity was a close second!). With the tagline "Liberation from the bottom up", I think it perfectly reflects the vision I have for this blog. Ultimately, I'm about liberation for all through intersectional, earth-centered collaboration (a fancy way of saying... Continue Reading →

The future of Green Boss

I've lapsed on updating this space weekly, but not because I'm not doing anything. If anything, I've been super active online in other social media spaces…and I'm still trying to figure out the best way to manage my online presence in these various spaces. I'm especially thinking about the future of this space, The Green... Continue Reading →

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