Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream…

Between career changes and the climate crisis, dog grooming and drone assassinations—dealing with the mundanities of life while the world turns sometimes feels like a gentle trip down a stream with a crashing waterfall at the end. While my particular trip may be placid for now, I can see what’s at the end. I don’t... Continue Reading →

Dollar General: Railroading The Tribes –

The deeper history behind the Association of American Railroads’ support of Dollar General in the U.S. Supreme Court case Dollar General v. Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians. The deeper issue, however, is whether tribal nation courts should have jurisdiction in civil tort and contract claims involving non-Indians on Indian lands. If the company is successful... Continue Reading →

A Living Wage

I meant to post this last week during the aforementioned Global Food Week, but I've been terribly busy (and now have two sprained index fingers!). This post comes from Global Food Week, with videos of some of the people who struggle to make ends meet growing food for the global North. What did you have... Continue Reading →

The role of identity and power in a just, sustainable future

Given that U.S. media outlets are teeming with stories about Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who has been using blackface and a fabricated past to advance her career, it seemed appropriate that I use this space to reflect on some fundamental concepts that have been alluded to but not strongly articulated by the many think... Continue Reading →

~ Individual vs. Collective Responsibility, or the Forest v. the Trees: A Dramatization ~

OK, check this out. I’m pretty. I’m bad. I’m a pretty bad man. In fact, I’m so bad that despite what my online persona might have you believe, I go around the street knocking people upside the head. I can KO a dude with a single roundhouse kick to the head and not give a... Continue Reading →

“Less is best” and the fear of human contagion

Consume less. Live small. Leave no footprint. A lot of people in vegan/natural living circles strive for these things, and find them noble endeavors. Being the contrarian that I am, I want to challenge that. I don't want to consume "less"; I want to consume until I am satisfied. I don't want to live "small";... Continue Reading →

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