H & Ahem: Cheap clothing hurts the planet, the economy, and your style – via Grist

I will admit, this is a pretty simplistic article about the current state of the global fashion industry. (Cheap clothes come from sweatshops! You should invest that $50* you're about to spend on two pairs of jeans [because it's SO EASY to start a decent diversified portfolio for less than $1000**]! Cheap clothing encourages us... Continue Reading →


Find charitable thrift stores near you!

I wrote this post because I've noticed that lately in the mornings, I'm staring at my closet uninspired — which means it's time to refresh my wardrobe!  About a month ago I went with a friend to an overpriced, vintage hipster joint and scored a wonderful (and cheap) crinkly black scarf and gold plaited/brass? necklace. They're both... Continue Reading →

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