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Slaughterhouse worker mid-swing in dismembering a cow's body hanging from the ceiling

Source: Remo Cassella

From exploited workers to the animals to our very democracy, animal agriculture* is bad for everyone involved—except the folks who profit from it.

The growing demand for cheap meat means the animal food industry must raise and kill animals in high volume with minimal regard for well-being, health, or safety. This in turn leads to poor working conditions in an already violent, stressful job. Poor waste management of factory farms leads to health problems in surrounding communities. And animal agriculture lobbyists pressure (and often work in) the government to channel tax dollars and create laws that protect and maximize their profits. Continue reading


Source: ewg.org

This is what I get for not checking my mail earlier: today is National Food Day where people across the country are speaking out and asking Congress to create policies that promote healthy food. Congress is about to make key decisions about food and farm policy, and people everywhere want them to:

You can visit FoodDay.org and contact your members of Congress using their online form. If you’re in California (the largest producer of agricultural products, by the way), you can also sign your name on the petition organized by Environmental Working Group and other food, health, and public interest groups. A healthy country starts with healthy people, and we all need access to affordable and healthy food.

If you want to learn more about America’s agricultural policies and food subsidies, check out this quick primer of where your tax dollars go.

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