Source: Automotive Instincts

Woo, I lapsed bad this week! My apologies. I had lots of work, culminating in an all-nighter Thursday-Friday, so posting didn’t happen.To make up, here’s an article, an oldie, but goodie, on how the car-free life can save you money: Going carless can save you $10,000 a year.

Of course there’s a cost for everything. By not owning a car, you may spend more time traveling with public transit if your system is as poor as mine, or you’ll lose out on the convenience of leaving home when you want if you rely on carpooling or ride share. But you won’t be paying for gas or insurance or maintenance, which really adds up. By not owning a car, I saved enough money to buy my own home, which I feel is a better investment (the value of a car drop s as soon as you drive it off the lot). When I ride public transit, I also get to know people, like actual human beings who live where I do. It’s an alien concept, I know, when most people are used to the bubble of their own personal vehicle(s). But it’s a small but very direct way to becoming engaged in one’s community. Of course, I’m able-bodied and can manage without a car—not everyone is or can, and I recognize that. But do reconsider how “necessary” you may feel it is to have a car in your life. You may be surprised.