Clarisse Kambire, 13, a child laborer, begins her daily task of picking the crop from her farmer's field of fair trade organic cotton near Benvar, Burkina Faso, on Nov. 10, 2011.

Since I’m on winter break, I’ve been on a roll with writing! Just came across an article on the child labor used pick cottonthat makes Victoria Secret’s products. Yep, slavery 2.0 in 2011—but on the “dark continent” since we outlawed it in the States.

Not only are African children being beaten into picking cotton, but that cotton is supposed to be certified fair trade. One top exec at Victoria Secret’s chain of command said “Our standards specifically prohibit child labor…We are vigorously engaging with stakeholders to fully investigate this matter.” For those of you who aren’t used to political/PR non-speak, that basically means, “I know…we’re supposed to do something about this, right?” Vigorous sounds like a really active verb, like we’re really going to do something to stop this, but at the same time not making any promises that will hold us accountable.

Read the details here and the full story of one girl’s plight on a cotton farm in Burkina Faso.