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Growing your own food

An almond-pear tart

An almond-pear tart from Get Rich Slowly

This post comes from Get Rich Slowly, a personal finance blog that I read. I know, you’re wondering what personal finance is doing here.  I don’t think the writers bill themselves as sustainable, but they definitely share the ethos of sustainability: intelligently using resources, including food, money, time, and durable goods Among other things, they write about how they grow food in their garden, and looking at their year report for 2009, they (could) make a profit if they sold their produce. Take a look at all of the delicious tomatoes, potatoes, and plums they harvested this season: The GRS Garden Project: September 2011 Update.


Yesterday I spent most of the day playing Civ IV instead of doing any of the errands I planned to do (I did get my laundry done, though). Today I did a bit of gardening and made myself a batch of raw* chocolate chip cookies from this recipe.

Raw cashew chocolate chip cookies

It turned out a bit sticky, but I’ll admit that I didn’t measure the ingredients, and I substituted olive oil for coconut oil and maple syrup for agave nectar. Instead of making the chocolate chips from scratch, I chopped up some dark chocolate my brother gave me, so that saved some time. I put the cookies in the fridge to let them harden/chill while I went outside and tended to my garden. Continue reading

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