From Seed to Table[t]: Can Foodie-Tech Startups Change a Neoliberal, Racist, and Capitalist [Food] System? | The Sistah Vegan Project

Dr. Amie “Breeze” Harper, a senior research analyst/strategist for Critical Diversity Solutions (CDS) and intersectional food justice theorist, writes about the gap between tech innovation, venture capital funding, foodie culture, and labor/human rights: Most people who are into mainstream ‘foodie’ culture care more about their food being ‘local’, ‘fresh’, and ‘organic’ than if the food... Continue Reading →


Acting green vs Buying green via Eco-Snobbery Sucks

Even though this post on Acting green vs Buying green from Eco-Snobbery Sucks restates what I've always said (you shouldn't go out and buy new "earth friendly" stuff to be sustainable)  I'm reblogging this because it's got a fancy picture 🙂

London and Friends: Aiming for Gold in Sustainable Olympics

London is trying it's best to live up to the goal its set for itself some years back: to hold the world’s first truly sustainable Olympic and Paralympic Games. There's no measurable standard to judge what makes something "truly sustainable" (a gold medal to be sure, rather than a bronze "somewhat sustainable"), but that hasn't stopped... Continue Reading →

The Lorax speaks for the Thneeds

The Lorax, Dr. Seuss' classic tale of conservation gone 3-D, opened in N. Am. theatres this weekend at an unexpected $70.7 million in gross earnings. Ironically enough, much of its success it no doubt due to the heavy promotion it received from its marketing partners, including Mazda, HP, Pottery Barn Kids, and IHOP. The internet is abuzz with appropriate... Continue Reading →

The Myth of “Eco-friendly” Bamboo

A lot of companies are taking advantage of people's feel-good notion of the word "green", coupled with their total ignorance of industrial production, and are cashing in on this "earth-friendly" craze, pushing out products that are anything but "friendly"—to the earth or the workers who mass-produced them. One of the biggest offenders is bamboo textiles.... Continue Reading →

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