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colorful paint in buckets

Source: Mom Goes Green

Once upon a time, but not that long ago, there was only one brand of no-VOC paint for the home. I used it in my bathroom and was pleased by the absence of cancer fumes billowing out, but was a bit disappointed by its staying power (it seems it can wash off easily from brushes—and walls— with water!) Sadly, that brand left this world a few years ago. I assumed that was the end for zero-VOC paint, and we’d have to settle for “low”-VOC paint.

Color me surprised (har har), when I was trying to calculate the cost for repainting my place when I stumbled upon loads of no-VOC interior paint by different  paint companies—some conventional  ones dipping into the “green craze” market, and others wholly new and dedicated to this kind of safe(r) product. Even Tree Hugger featured 5 brands of no-VOC paint that they like (for whatever reason), and Consumer Reports took some companies’ claims to the test (and found, for example, VOCs in every paint). This is good news for everyone, not just pregnant people or folks who have children or pets. Everyone should be concerned about poisonous off-gassing by the things they use and live in. Of course, no-VOC paint doesn’t mean it won’t add toxicity to the air in your home. There’s much more to poison-free air than VOCs in paint, but it is a step, a small step, in the right direction.


my "office" outside

Until around 6 PM today, the weather was nice and warm and perfect for doing work outside. I split my day between gardening, making music, burning incense, and trying to get on the internet through my city’s free, unreliable wifi. I won’t get to do this for long, so I’m trying to enjoy the weather (and my freedom) while I can before school starts in a few weeks. Continue reading

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