Truths, Knowledge Keepers, and ways of knowing

This past Wednesday marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, a day described as the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. I'll save the story of how particularly localized efforts in the U.S. became representative of a global movement for another day. Looking at the state of the earth, so much and yet... Continue Reading →

I am not a liberal and hope I never become one.

"The difference between a liberal and a progressive is that a liberal is open to everyone’s views; a progressive is as narrow-minded and judgmental (more?) than any conservative." — Doug Reitsch, Pharmacist at Kamilche Pharmacy in Shelton, WA According to this myopic internet definition, being “open to everyone’s views” is good and something people should... Continue Reading →

PBS Video: Imperfect justice in Cambodia

As Cambodians try to understand the almost impossible level of violence that swept their nation decades ago, they may be left pondering this one final question: is imperfect justice better than no justice at all? Watch the video: Imperfect justice in Cambodia | Need to Know | PBS.

Best public interest law schools

Remembering that sustainability is a (w)holistic approach to satisfying environmental, social, and economic needs and not just the environment, here's an article from the National Jurist on law schools that have strong public interest and social justice programs. It's a bit dated now (2009), but it does a good job explaining what criteria were used... Continue Reading →

Top Law Schools for Environmental Law

I know there are plenty of those hyped up "top schools of ultimate bestness" lists out there, though most people (should) know that  The New Yorker: What college rankings really mean with different needs and aspirations. Obviously, if you get into a highly ranked school that doesn't have the program you want, you may not... Continue Reading →

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