Source: Inhabitat NYC

Once upon a time, I was new to sustainable living (hey, you can’t fault a newborn for ignorance). The internet made finding information wonderfully quick and easy, but it also meant that I had an internet’s worth of knowledge to sort through—a relatively daunting task for someone in need of guidance. I can appreciate the kind of guides out that are there that offer easy tips for “going green” or “saving the planet”. If you’re new to living the Green Life or have been thinking about it, the new year is a perfect opportunity to get on board. The Daily Green has seven simple tips you can use as your New Year’s resolutions like “Meatless Mondays” and “Get Outside Saturdays” (they also have a list of 15 resolutions for a Greener New Year that I suspect came from a previous year). Cereplast (a bioplastics company) also has a Top New Year Resolution post that reminds folks to make homes efficient . The Environmental Blog has a Green New Years [sic] Resolution list similar to The Daily Green, but it’s also worth checking out.

Tips like “Don’t waste energy” and “Ride your bicycle more often” are obviously for newbies, but it doesn’t hurt for vets to take a peek at such lists every now and then to make sure we’ve got our bases covered. I still have to insulate my new(ish) home because the downstairs leaks heat like silly, and I don’t yet make a habit of unplugging my electronics—I confess I use my microwave as a clock. What are some resolutions you’re making for the new year?