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A set of various artisan soaps, lotions, and other body care products

All natural does not equate to safe, ecologically sound and healthy.  Bacteria, salmonella, cocaine, and staph germs are natural but I dont want to put them on my skin. Chemicals are not bad. Everything is a chemical. Water is a chemical, oxygen is a chemical, we are chemicals.  Synthetic products are not necessarily evil. I do understand customers concerns about being as close to nature as possible so I offer a range of products fit those needs. I always label my products truthfully, please buy from a soapmaker that is honest.

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Simple veggie dinner

I intended to eat more raw food this month and more or less failed at that. I usually load up on carbs, so I did end up eating more fruits and veggies. One of the simplest things to make that I’ve been eating is broccoli and cauliflower. I sprinkle on some salt and pepper, then lightly steam them. I usually buy broccoli and cauliflower in bulk and freeze them, which usually makes them more tender when left to thaw without cooking. Had I not been starving planned some prep time, I could have thawed them out in the sun to warm them and not have to cook them in the microwave. I ate them with a mix of red and white rice, which obviously isn’t raw, but it was mighty tasty.

60 Days of Rawness—Done!

Whew! I did 2 months back to back of raw eating. I wasn’t raw 100% of the time, but I made conscious efforts to eat more raw/whole foods. I say in the end I was 60–80% raw. There were plenty of days when I argued with myself over getting a sandwich that was mostly veggies versus an actual salad, and nights when I’d want to throw in the towel and zap a frozen burrito in the microwave because I had “nothing” to eat (read: I had no S.A.D. entree ready and waiting for me to eat coming home from work). I said I wasn’t 100% raw, so there were times when I had to compromise, because being the perfectionist that I am, I’d sooner starve myself than “betray” the food plan. Of course, the whole point of me eating raw was to jump-start my health, and not eating is not healthy (duh).

I had cereal for breakfast a lot in the beginning—before I became addicted to smoothies. I granted myself a pass on breakfast, but insisted lunch and dinner could easily be done raw. However, fearing two whole months of eating nothing but salads, I soon gave myself passes on 5–7 meals a week that weren’t raw (basically half!). I then made myself compliment cooked foods with raw foods: if I ate veggie spring rolls, I’d balance it out with salad (or just plain lettuce). In time, I learned more about whole foods and moved beyond salads (though a good salad is a good salad). I’d make zucchini pasta. I’d throw random veggies from the fridge together in a bowl, drizzle some sauce on them, and call it a meal. I treated myself to some raw vegan ice cream for dessert. I’d drink a smoothie in a pinch if I really had no other food to eat.

So tonight, my last day of “strict” raw eating, I eschewed the frozen burrito (trust, it was hard!), drank some experimental raw chocolate shake (this needs to be a post in itself), and made a kwick kale salad.

Let’s see…I got some radishes and kale from the farmers’ market in there, some sugar peas, sliced baby carrots, sesame seeds (yeah, not raw) and soy sauce + agave nectar + chili sauce for dressing. I’m not concerned that soy sauce isn’t raw, especially since it’s not a source of any significant nutrition. I’m eating raw for health, not ethical reasons, so I’m not about to empty out my kitchen and buy new, Raw Certified™ stuff just because.

Now, lest the colorful photo fool you, this salad was not very tasty. Kale is bitter, yo! I’m using the rest in smoothies only.

A non-update

I’m awful at updating, I know it. And there’s no excuse for it—I have a bunch of photos on my computer of what I’ve been wearing (granted, they’re mostly quick snaps before I head out to work, sans tripod), but I do have something to show for myself. I just find that when I get home, the interwebs suck me in, and I spend hours reading whatever catches my fancy until whoops, it’s 11:30 and I should have been asleep an hour ago. I need to instill more self-discipline in my daily life—that’s something which I wish I had more of growing up. I can be persevering, but make myself follow a schedule/project through, especially if I’d rather no be doing it? You can guarantee I won’t, or I’ll put it off til the last minute and get stressed about it.

All of which is a long-winded way of saying I know I’ve been needing to update. Every time I see a fashion or vegan blog, I remember this one languishing with a stinky, 2 week-old “latest” post. I’m going to make a “Best of” post of all my favorite ensembles for the month of July and August once it’s over, hopefully to make up. And then I’m going to hold myself to posting regularly, at least once a week—even if I don’t have any pretty pictures.

So yeah, this is a non-update since I have nothing crunchy or chic to report on. Well, actually, my raw diet/cleanse has been going fine. I’m probably only eating about 65–80% raw, but I think this is a balance I can sustain indefinitely (can’t let go of my breakfast cereals, man). I ate more junk food than I should have this past week, and let me tell you, (over)processed foods just don’t taste as good as they used to. I ate a doughnut this afternoon (gasp!) and right afterward I craved some fresh foods. I always bring carrots, so I gobbled that up real quick. For dinner, I’ve been alternating between eating my stuffed mushroom delight (with too much garlic) and a veggie wrap inspired by The Precision Afrikan‘s the Nigerian (aka. raw taco). My wraps are collard green based with carrots, romaine lettuce, leftovers from my mushroom stuffing, tomatoes from my garden (yay) bell peppers, and mushrooms. I also used brinjal (eggplant relish) as spread and sacrilegiously dipped the whole thing in Swad’s Pakoda chutney. MMMMMM!

This is almost like what I ate for dinner

Yesterday I spent most of the day playing Civ IV instead of doing any of the errands I planned to do (I did get my laundry done, though). Today I did a bit of gardening and made myself a batch of raw* chocolate chip cookies from this recipe.

Raw cashew chocolate chip cookies

It turned out a bit sticky, but I’ll admit that I didn’t measure the ingredients, and I substituted olive oil for coconut oil and maple syrup for agave nectar. Instead of making the chocolate chips from scratch, I chopped up some dark chocolate my brother gave me, so that saved some time. I put the cookies in the fridge to let them harden/chill while I went outside and tended to my garden. Continue reading

I recently got the idea that eating raw for a month could improve my skin’s health. After pigging out on fried delicacies this past weekend, my face told me in no uncertain terms that crap in is crap out. I was pancake face to work (at least, I felt like it) in order to cover the redness and bumps.

I’ve started making my lunches and dinners wholly raw. For those of you not in the know, “raw food” is simply food that’s not cooked (though some allow for heating up to 100˚ F or so), as some believe that high temperatures destroy much of the nutrients of food. I have yet to find a definitive answer to heat’s effect on nutrition, but my stint into raw foodism isn’t for that particular benefit. I’m trying to stop being a “french fry” vegan (personally, I’m more of a cereal vegan) and strictly being raw means I can’t reach for one of those super-salted, highly processed veg dinners of questionable nutritional value. In a moment of weakness, I made a batch of brownies and have eaten some every day, so I can’t claim to be 100% raw for this month. Snacks I’m being lenient on, but the three main meals I’m aiming for total rawnezz.

Monday night I made some deeeelicious stuffed portobello mushrooms and ate them before I thought to take pictures, so I’m going to hold off posting that recipe until I make it again. Tonight, however, I remembered—I even put my meal in a pretty bowl for you. I made my tried-and-true “leftover scraps stir-fry delight”, which is a fancy way of saying “everything I have in my fridge drizzled with soy/teriyaki and chili sauce”. But this time I didn’t fry it, just stirred, so I’ll refer to my masterpiece as Spicy broccoli cashew stir no-fry. I quite literally used scraps and didn’t have enough for a full serving, so this is an estimated recipe (I also used cucumbers instead of mushrooms, but I think the latter would taste much better):

  • 1 cup broccoli florets
  • 1 cup raw cashews, chopped
  • 2–3 large celery stalks, chopped
  • 1/2 cup mushrooms of your choice, sliced
  • 1 tbs teriyaki sauce
  • 2 tsp chili sauce
  • 4 tsp grated ginger or 2 tsp ginger powder
  1. Start by cutting up the broccoli into small, bite-sized pieces and place into a medium-sized bowl.
  2. Add the celery, mushrooms, and cashews into the bowl. Add spices and sauces.
  3. Mix together, until all veggies and nuts are covered.
  4. If you just came home from work and whipped this up, eat it! If you have some time to spare, let the mix sit for at least 20 minutes. The longer it sits, the better the veggies can soak up the flavor. Enjoy!

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