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TerraCycle Zero Waste boxes allows you to collect waste and recycle it into new products.

TerraCycle Zero Waste boxes allows you to collect waste and recycle it into new products.

Mainstream conversations about “living green” or being sustainable usually revolve around reducing our footprint on the environment. (The idea that humans need to minimize our presence, as though we’re some kind of disease, separate from our environment, is another blog post for another day). I find it problematic because that way of thinking is inherently antithetical to sustainability: reducing the devastating impact of our current consumption simply means accepting the status quo and prolonging the inevitable. True sustainability means transforming our footprint so that it is not a burden to our environment. Continue reading


This is a great DIY project to make a couch/daybed out of wood shipping pallets for very cheap:

How to Upcycle a Pallet into a Couch | Brit + Co.

Source: Official London 2012 website

London won the gold medal its sustainability efforts, during the recent Summer Olympic Games. The facilities facilities- from the Olympic Park to the Velodrome to the main Stadium – make wide use of recycled materials and follow waste management guidelines. All purchases inside the Olympic Park and all packaging are 100% recyclable while the disposable products are green and made in Italy.

The London Paralympic Games (parallel to the Olympics), now in progress, are taking place, for the most part, in the same facilities as the Olympics, with a diverse group of athletes competing.[…]

The flag of sustainability flies over the Paralympic facilities as it did during the XXX Games of the modern era, starting with the industrial area of Stratford, covering an area equal to 297 football fields, that was completely reclaimed. The terrain contained tar, oil, solvents, lead and arsenic. The London Olympics were also the first games to monitor greenhouse gas emissions and have eco-sustainable buildings.

Read more @ Planet Inspired: London won the gold medal its sustainability efforts | GroundReport.

Source: The Energy Collective

London is trying it’s best to live up to the goal its set for itself some years back: to hold the world’s first truly sustainable Olympic and Paralympic Games. There’s no measurable standard to judge what makes something “truly sustainable” (a gold medal to be sure, rather than a bronze “somewhat sustainable”), but that hasn’t stopped the host city from spending plenty of time and money promoting its vision—and one-year legacy plan—to the public. London assures us it’s taking the challenge seriously; it even created the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 to monitor its efforts, which has already urged Olympic organisers to ensure licensed merchandise is ethically sourced. Some highlights include a walkway illuminated by footsteps and reusing over 98% of materials in demolition and construction.

Even some of the 55 Official Bankrollers of the 2012 Olympics—pitching in more than half of the original £2.4 billion budget (it went up to £9.3 billion)—are playing their part (the rest are being naughty or don’t have a good PR team).*

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With all the brouhaha over plastic bag bans in various American cities, I thought it would appropriate to make this post about where you can recycle your plastic bags. If you’re in the U.S., check out plasticbagrecycling.org, the online resource for plastic bad and film recycling, to find a drop-off location nearest you. Many grocery stores have collections right outside the door, so you can bring your bags back if you’ve got too many at home. Many municipalities also offer plastic bag recycling (especially the “single-stream”/blue bin recycling services) along with regular garbage collection.

Did you know? Lots of different kinds of plastic can be recycled!

Yep, according to plasticbagrecycling.org, the following types of plastic bags are typically recycled: Continue reading

I thought this was a really cute and resourceful idea: cardboard desserts! I must say, this far exceeds any trash-repurposed crafts I’ve made; the closest thing I’ve done was use junk mail and used paper as the stuffing for dress form I made.cardboard cake

Artist Patianne Stevenson has finally nailed the recipe for the ultimate all-natural, planet and people-friendly cake. It’s gorgeous, vegan, and virtually free of calories, because, um, it is made of recycled cardboard. She calls her collection The Cardboard Kitchen, and it is filled with chocolate icing, tarts, cupcakes, layer cakes, frosting and little lace doilies.

Check out all the other inedible delicacies at ECO ART DELIGHT: The Cardboard Kitchen | Inhabitat.

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