Police violence, Black motherhood, and Reproductive Justice

Black women live with the harsh reality of not having full control over the ability to 1) choose to parent, 2) choose to not parent, and to 3) parent the children they have in safe and well-resourced environments. These three tenets are the core of what reproductive justice must look like. The failure of politics... Continue Reading →


Overpopulation, China’s child policy, and sustainability

China recently announced that it would replace its one-child policy with a two-child policy, adding more than 30 million people to the country’s labor force by 2050. Many have criticized the most populated nation in the world for such a draconian law because infringes upon people's freedom and reproductive autonomy. Yet the same logic behind... Continue Reading →

“Too many people? Population, Immigration, and the Environmental Crisis”

This is from a summary via the blog wmtc (we move to canada) about the book Too Many People? Population, Immigration, and the Environmental Crisis by Ian Angus and Simon Butler. The authors examine the arguments behind the notion that overpopulation is the leading factor of environmental degradation, addressing issues of reproductive freedom, food shortages, immigration, lifestyle choices, and other related topics.... Continue Reading →

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