Source: El Paso Fair Trade Coalition

This first post of my Ethical Goods series is dedicated to tea, since I’m a big tea drinker. And being the crunchy and chic person that I am, I want to be knowledgeable about where my teas come from. A Google search of “tea+plantation+labor” yields many articles on issues involved with the production of this ubiquitous drink. I’m nearly finished using up my dubiously-sourced teas from my pantry and am replacing them with ethically sourced teas.

I say ‘ethically sourced’ instead of ‘fair trade’ because the latter requires expensive certification that many small companies, farmers, and coops can’t afford.

The following is a list of tea companies I have come across that sell ethically sourced tea with excerpts of their commitment statements. I will continue to add to this list as I find more companies.

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