About The Green Liberationist (or, The Blog Formerly Known as “Crunchy & Chic”)

If you came here looking for Crunchy & Chic (http://crunchyandchic.wordpress.com/), it is dead.* But behold, a newer and better blog!

One upon a time, this used to be about thrifted and vintage fashion. Then I got tired of posting pictures of my ugly my mug and decided I’d focus more on “crunchy” stuff like zero waste and child labor. I’ve gotten rid of my outfits posts.

Now, Green Liberationist is about sustainability with an intentional and intersectionally-mindful approach. It’s not about reducing signs of your existenceit’s about living in a way that is fulfilling, engaging, and healthy for all life on earth. It’s about creating communities, economies, and political systems that give everyone a stake in their futures. And it’s about not killing, poisoning, or otherwise destroying each other in the process. It takes baby steps to get there, so I also offer practical advice and resources on going green on a day-to-day basis, with the goal of being green and thriving green, all while securing liberation for all beings.

I was set on a progressive path early in life, so I’m not just now jumping on the green/eco bandwagon, but I appreciate that its popularity makes it easier for anyone, not just hippies, to incorporate sustainable practices into their lives. I hope what we’re seeing now is not a trend but a revolution, a fundamental change in how we view and engage with the world and life around us.

* I accidentally Crunchy & Chic. Not that (m)any people were linking to the old URL, mind you. A smarter me would have made an empty blog at the old URL redirecting folks to the new URL. As fate would have it, a foolish me was at the controls, so here we are. Crunchy & Chic is now Green Liberationist. Update your records accordingly.

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    1. Wow, thank you 🙂 I do accept it and will get to answering the 10 questions you’ve posed for me. I’m actually in the process of revamping this blog, so it may take me a while. Thanks again for the nomination!


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